A free Krav Maga techniques training program

The Training Program

Teentendo training program  feature simple and intuitive Krav Maga techniques meant to provide you with the most practical tools based on real world self defense situations.

We don’t waste time with demonstrations that do not apply in real life scenarios and offer you the most in terms of defense in moments of sudden attack. Our methods are aimed at effectiveness and efficiency necessary to neutralize the opponent as quickly as possible.

Try Teentendo Krav Maga techniques and ensure your personal safety and that of the ones you care about. Our goal is to help you acquiring awesome personal defense skills for dangerous and life threatening situations where self-defense may be your only option.


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Who We Are?

My name is Guy oz and for the past 25 year I’ve been practicing the art of Krav Maga serving as the master instructor for both security forces as well as for civilians.
Dealing  with real world situations where one survival is on the line have prompt me to established this free online self defense training program to help teenagers all over the world successfully defend themselves and loved ones in any situation.

Teentendo is offered as a social donation targeting teenagers all over the world. It is meant to help you be well equipped against violent situations and lead a safer and more confident life.

If you were caught in a dangerous situation, would you be able to get out alive? Start now your free Krav Maga training program and learn all the self defense techniques you need for real world self protection.

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